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About Me – Carol Koser

Carol Koser

When one of my sons was about six months old, I noticed that he was no longer reacting and responding as usual.

I took him to our paediatrician and he told me a very shocking thing…that most parents do not notice that their child’s hearing is disappearing until there is a comment from a teacher years later. For my son, that could have meant three or four years of deafness during the crucial language learning years.  Thank goodness I picked up cues, thank goodness I spent time closely relating to him every day to notice changes, and thank goodness I could describe accurately my baby’s behaviour.

And this is one of the benefits of infant massage for you and your baby –  you will become expert at understanding your baby and noticing changes, whether it be lumps, allergic responses, or as in my case, hearing difficulties. And this is one of the reasons I strongly urge you to make infant massage a priority in parenting.

In selecting a name for my business, I decided on Baby Massage by Design because I wanted to emphasize the responsive and individualized teaching that I can offer you.  Whether you choose to follow the First Touch Curriculum (Baby in Mind) or the IMIS Curriculum (the two major accredited curriculum in Australia) I will devote more time and resources in either approaches to meet your particular needs and interests.

It may be that you are especially interested in giving your baby every advantage for future social and emotional intelligence, or it may be that your baby has special needs. It may be that your personal or family circumstances are unusual or stressful.  Whatever the case, I deliver instruction specially designed for you.

My qualifications include certification as an infant massage instructor with both Baby in Mind (IAIM) and the Infant Massage Information Service (IMIS). I also hold three university degrees with specialisations in early childhood development, teaching, educational psychology, and counselling, and a graduate diploma in intercultural education. Now applying my QUT training in quality management, I am offering infant massage instruction to families in the Brisbane, Springfield and Ipswich areas.

I have been a teacher and counsellor in government and private schools at all levels in both Victoria and Queensland. I loved my work. Increasingly though, I came to believe that it is most advantageous to work with families at the earliest stages, those who are encountering the opportunities, demands, and challenges that new babies bring. Also, as a  grandmother of darling grandsons, I wanted to spend more time with delightful babies.

On a more familiar note, I migrated here from New Jersey forty years ago (hence the accent!). I like to study and travel and would be a gym junkie if it weren’t for push-ups and planks.

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