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Frequently Asked Questions

Would Baby Massage by Design suit me and my baby?

Baby Massage by Design strives to be inclusive.

First-time parents and parents who already another child will find that the curriculum includes important topics and skills. Fathers and fathers’ groups are welcome, and a special invitation with a Special Offer is extended to members of the Defence Forces who are recently returned from a tour of duty in the Middle East. Parents will find the curriculum is adaptable for babies with low birthweight, cerebral palsy and Down’s Syndrome. Those parents from other cultures can discover (or rediscover) infant massage and its benefits. Expecting parents may choose lessons which include a follow-up lesson and email support after baby’s arrival. Very young parents and their babies will find the lessons relaxed, friendly and practical.

What are the benefits of going to a class run by an experienced teacher?

Carol knows how to structure and deliver a lesson clearly and effectively.

She is able to anticipate areas of difficulty and is able to pick up on cues, understand questions and address concerns. Parents can feel confident that their precious time is well spent, and that they will develop real and useful skills.

What is the best age for my baby to start having massages?

Three to eight months is an easy time for you and your baby to begin infant massage,

but you can learn infant massage while you are pregnant, if you wish, so your baby can enjoy the benefits as a newborn. It is possible to learn infant massage once your baby is crawling/toddling. Suggestions for adjustments and changes to the massage routine to suit the growing child are always included.

Which is better…private instruction or small group class?

That really depends on you.

The advantages of private instruction are your convenience and privacy. Further, individualized modifications and alterations are more fully addressed in the home setting. The advantages of the small group class are the opportunities to share experiences, provide mutual support and have an enjoyable outing with other parents who may become new friends.

What is taught, and how are the classes run?

The curriculum consists of skills for structured massage sequences for specific purposes, and thorough explanations of the theory and research underlying baby massage.

There is a mix of theory and practice, with time for questions. You will be given a bottle of the recommended pure cold-pressed massage oil for your use and a curriculum handout, and a manual summarizing all techniques at your last class. Class numbers are limited so that the instructor can provide individualized guidance and feedback. You are the only one who touches your baby, and at all times you are encouraged and expected to make decisions about your baby during the class. You may find your baby needs a nappy change, a feed, or even a sleep, and the class is flexible enough to allow for your baby’s needs to be met. If you wish, you (or your accompanying partner) can practice massage techniques on a demonstration doll provided by the instructor.

What do I need to bring?

You will be sitting on the floor so bring along a cushion if you wish, and wear comfortable pants or maxiskirt.

The recommended massage oil will be provided at class as part of your enrolment. For safety, your baby will also be lying on the floor, so bring their change mat and whatever else you think will make your baby comfortable (such as a folded blanket, snuggle cushion or very thin foam cushion). Bring nappies, of course, and whatever else you are used to taking along on an outing with baby.

Can I bring my other child?

Yes you can bring another child but be aware that you are solely responsible for their supervision and safety.

Please bring a toy that can quietly entertain them, and do not bring them if they are not well. However, you may choose to schedule your lessons in the afternoon, weekend, or evenings when you can arrange alternative childcare.

Who else can I bring with me?

A partner can attend the private and small group classes with you at no extra charge.

If your partner prefers to arrange separate instruction at a different time, perhaps as part of a Dad’s group, that is considered another enrolment. Instead of a partner, you may opt to bring along someone else who acts as a primary carer of your baby, for example, a grandmother who cares for the child while you are at work.

What happens if I suddenly find I have to miss a lesson but want to continue with my enrolment?
Please let Carol know if you must miss a lesson no less than two hours before the expected starting time, by phone, SMS, or email.

If you are in a class, you may wish to just re-join your group at the next class because there is always revision and review of the previous lesson, and you may be happy with that. Or, you may make arrangements to sit in another class at a later date for that particular lesson.

What is your refund policy if I have to cancel enrolment?

  • Full refund if you do not start lessons and give prior notice of at least five business days.
  • Full refund less expenses ($40) if notice is less than five business days.
  • Fee may be transferred to enrolment in another class at a later time or towards private instruction.