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May 15 2017

Overwhelmingly, research shows that fathers engaging with their baby through infant massage is beneficial to the baby, the father himself, and the parenting partnership.

  • Fathers feel happier, are more motivated, and have better attitudes towards parenting when they are given opportunities to engage in nurturing touch with their baby.
  • Learning infant massage helps fathers feel more competent. This results in less stress and more willingness to connect with their baby.
  • Fathers do desire to bond with their baby and infant massage provides an opportunity to spend time together in a nurturing, bonding experience with some structure.
  • Mothers appreciate the active involvement of fathers, admire good parenting behaviour, and feel more positive towards their partner.
  • Fathers who massage their infants are more likely to be expressive and show warmth, sensitivity to their baby’s needs, and acceptance in their interactions.
  • Fathers like learning infant massage, especially in small groups with other new dads. and would recommend it to others.

Would you like to discover for yourself how infant massage would be good for you and your family? Baby Massage by Design offers lessons for you and your partner, or perhaps you prefer to make up a new dads’ group with your mates and take a group course.

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