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Helpful Tips

“I never ever would have thought it would be as beneficial as it was. I wish I knew about it with my first. I knew Carol was a real teacher, she was so well prepared and organized and obviously knew what she was doing, and she gave me lots of helpful tips.” – Cherelle, daughter 5 months


Bonding Experience for Both

“The lessons are run in a relaxed, comfortable manner and Carol gave clear, easy to understand instructions. The lessons were baby friendly, and he loved it! With take home information on how to do the massage, I have been able to do it at home, and it is a wonderful bonding experience for both of us.” – Emily, 4 month old son


Very Friendly

“Carol was very friendly and she was open to discussions. She patiently went over massage techniques many times so I became used to it. ” – Merly, daughter 8 months


Relaxing Environment

“Carol is easy to talk to. Very chilled and relaxing environment.” – Nataly, son 6 months


In-depth Knowledge

“What was the best? The practical advice and in-depth knowledge shared by Carol.” – Monique, son 1 year


Patient and Creative

“I really liked the methodology that Carol used to teach the baby massage technique, and I felt comfortable in the class, especially because Carol was patient and creative with my elder child while she explained the technique to other mums. ” – Belen, son one year old & daughter three years old